Types of Washing Machine in India (2023)

1. Washer Only Washing Machine

Washer Only

Washer Only: It is a small size and lightweight washing machine compared to other washing machine types. So if you are those who have less space in your home to keep a large washing machine, then this can be a perfect choice for you.


  • Cheap.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact and easy to move.


  • Washes only and does not dry.

2. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi Automatic  Top Load

Semi-Automatic: The semi-automatic machine is an economical washing machine. It performs both washing and drying functions, but you have to manually transfer the wet clothes from the washer section to the drying section.


  • Water-efficient.
  • Cheaper compared to fully automatic.
  • It requires less amount of water and power.
  • It has two sections one is for washing and another for rising or drying the clothes.


  • Less convenient to run.
  • Takes a lot of time to complete a washing.
  • It requires manually transferring wet clothes from one section to another section for drying.

3. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Top Load

Fully Automatic: The fully automatic washing machine is an automatic washing machine which means it can do all the work by own, you have to press a button, and it will do all the work automatically. It does not require any manual intervention. It can do much better cleaning as compared to other types of washing machines and comes with an inbuilt heating function.


  • Better power efficiency.
  • It is completely automatic.
  • It has an efficient washing performance.
  • It comes with advanced modern technology.
  • Manual intervention is not required, it does work automatically.


  • It needs a direct water connection.
  • It requires more water and energy.
  • Expensive as compared to semi-automatic washing machines.

4. Dryer Only Washing Machine

Dryer Only

Dryer Only: These types of washing machines cannot wash clothes, but they can dry clothes. These washing machines are built for drying purposes only, that’s why their drying capability is better than front load washing machines.


  • It can easily remove dust and germs while drying clothes.
  • It protects clothes from fading while drying the clothes, and clothes look new.


  • It cannot wash clothes.

5. Washing Dryer Washing Machine

Washer Dryer

Washing Dryer: It uses the same compartment or section for washing and drying clothes. It is also known as a combo washer dryer and, it has better drying capability as compared to others.


  • It protects clothes from fading.
  • It requires little space to keep at home.
  • It removes dust and germs from clothes.
  • It can wash and dry without manual intervention.


  • Least reliable.
  • Low capacity.
  • It takes more time for drying clothes.
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